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Lecture 5

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MKT 500
Mark Speed

MKT 500 – Week 5 Focus Groups, Ethnography & Content Analysis Techniques Screening  Ensure you’re talking with the ‘right’ people.  Focus on ‘experts’ moreso than on population representativeness Informed Consent  Ensure participants are informed, protected and comfortable. Topic: Social Media Fatigue • Screening • Consent • Roles Think about: • What was said? • What does it mean? • What are the implications? (for businesses/advertisers, government, society, etc.) • What further questions do you have? Data Preparation • Organizing Documents • Transcribing audio/video recordings • Verifying documents/transcripts are accurate and complete Data Reduction • An evolving process • Line by line analysis • Assign codes/labels to data • Can be done manually or with software (e.g. NVIVO, Atlas.ti) • Grouping/categorizing data according to distinct themes • Categories may change as the analysis process unfolds (some may be merged together; others may be split into subcategories) Analyzing qualitative researc
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