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Lecture 9

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MKT 500
Mark Speed

MKT 500 – Week 9 Data Analysis II Types of Data Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio Relative Zero-based Categories Rankings rankings scale Eg. Poor(1) Eg. Agree – E.g. age, Eg. Male(1) Fair (2) Disagreescale height, # of Female(2) Excellent(3) (1-7) children Analysis: Analysis: Analysis: Analysis: all frequency+ frequency, frequency, types,but mode median + mean, median mean is most mode + mode common Example of group differences using categorical Data (%) Research objective: to determine whether there are genders differences in the likelihood to purchase over the Internet Null Hypothesis: between males & females We REJECT the null hypothesis IF there’s less than a 5% chance of being right (i.e. p 2 Group Percents -> select Independent Variable (e.g. gender) > Grouping Variable -> select Dependent Variable (e.g. Purchase over the Internet) > Target Variable -> Done 2 Group Percents Differences Test Analysis Results . Respondent's gender Male Female Difference Sample Size 320 280 Will you p
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