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Lecture 3

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Ryerson University
MKT 500
Mark Speed

MKT 500 – Week 3 Research Design Considerations Exploratory • to gain background information • to define terms • to clarify problems/ hypotheses • to establish research priorities • to uncover potential opportunities/threats Descriptive • to identify/measure marketing phenomena at a point in time • to identify/measure marketing phenomena over a period of time • to describe who, what, where, when, how… • to predict relationships • Causal • to determine whether X causes a change in Y • to make ‘if-then’ statements Possible Focus Group Objectives: • To understand what consumers want in a better package • To explore consumer attitudes and opinions towards our product/service • To learn what associations consumers make with our proposed ad campaign • Focus groups are used to generate ideas, to learn the respondents’ “vocabulary,” to gain some insights into basic needs and attitudes. Select test market locations based on: 1. Representativeness 2. Degree of isolation 3. Ability to control distribution and promotion Sampling error  Error based on difference between sample findings and true pop
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