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Wk. 4 - Ch. 4 - Lecture notes

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Ryerson University
MKT 500
Helene Moore

Week 4 – Lecture September 25, 2012 Guest speaker from library - Articles - Indexes A-Z - Business insights, essentials o Enter company name - Business source elite o Have to be literal in searches o These are all public companies, won’t get information like this for private companies - Factiva o Good for financial analysis - Passport GMID o Good for consumer behaviour analysis o Best way is to use the search box - Mergent online o Strength: you can export financial information into excel - FP Informart o Lululemon o Company snapshot is a good entry point o Canadian industry is pretty limited – you’re going to be comparing Lululemon to Canadian Tire etc. o This is a good website for Canadian companies - Proquest o Good for scholarly, and peer reviewed articles - Emerald library MCB o Use “and” to connect all concepts – old school database - Google scholar o If you are off-campus – go into settings and click “library links” o It will allow you to access the Ryerson library - Citations: o Search in library website: APA
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