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Chapter 5 – Focus Groups and Qualitative Methods

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MKT 500
Helene Moore

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Wk. 5 – Chapter 5 – Focus Groups and Qualitative Methods Lecture on: October 2, 2012 Categories of research: - Quantitative research: research involving the use of structured questions in which response options have been predetermined and a large number of respondents involved - Qualitative research: research involving collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data by observing what people do and say - Pluralistic research: combination of both - Observation methods o Direct vs. indirect  Direct: observing behavior as it occurs  Indirect: observing the effects or results of the behavior rather than the behaviour itself  Archives (bordering quantitative and qualitative)  Physical traces (opening new store – look at the parameter of the area)  Mechanical (entering gate, scanners) o Disguised vs. undisguised  Disguised observation (example: mystery shoppers)  Undisguised observation (example: people meter) o Structured vs. unstructured  Structured observ
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