MKT 500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Contingency Table, Analysis Of Variance, Microsoft Powerpoint

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15 Aug 2016
CMKT500 - Lecture 11 and 12 - Communicating the Research Results and Testing
of Differences and Relationships between Variables
Cross tabulation: relationship identifier. Compare percentage or frequency differences in
answers. (E.g. use bar graph to show results)
Chi-sqaure analysis: understanding of the frequencies of two variables resulting from a
cross tabulation. Can determine if any relationship exists between frequencies of the subject
ANOVA vs. Cross tabulation: identify mean differences vs. percent differences
Correlations: relationships.
Linear relationship: creates a straight line in any direction when plotted on a graph.
Intercept: point where the straight line intercepts, or starts from, the y axis (vertical)
Correlation coefficient: the strength (number) and direction (-/+) of the relationship in
the data.
Covariation: amount of change that one variable will have on another variable (e.g. effect of
price change on demand).
Positive association: upward trend
Negative association: downward trend
No association: no direction or relationship
Research report: culmination of the entire research process. Point of communication for all the
background work, the primary research, the analysis, the findings and the ultimate conclusions
and/or recommendations.
two forms: a presentation and a report
good if the audience is able to understand
Front matter:
title page: title of the document, name of the person or company to whom the
document is to be delivered, name of the person or organization that wrote the
document, date of submission of the document.
letter of authority: letter to the research firm allowing the research firm to
undertake the research assignment, optional to include, provides scenario in
which the researcher was approached to do the report.
letter or memo of transmittal: used to deliver the report to the client, “attatched
please find…” Memo for internal, letter for external.
table of contents: allows the reader to quickly and easily identify the areas of
interest to them, should be detailed.
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