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MKT 504 Ch 6

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MKT 504
Harvey Mc Phaden

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Chapter 6 – May 30 2013 Sales force people can’t really say that their competitors are more superior it’s a non-controllable factor  referred to as “whining”  could be the lack of ability to differentiate This is a project management problem 6-2 1.Marketing concept starts with the need 2.Nothing going to win with the buyers expense (win:win) 3.being congruent means that the tone of voice, your actions is all consistent 4. REDS (four different communication styles (responsive, emotive, directive, supportive) -credible info  has to be believable and correct 6-4 8) Stop acting like a seller and thinking like a buyer! (buyer wants to be helped but not soldthis is the name of the book) 6-5 Clients usually want a salesperson to be local 6-7 How does the product create value for the client In fulfilling the need Ability to deliver what they’re supposed to perform Needs trust 6-10 -Simplify what you’re offering to the client 6-13 The quantified benefit you’re going to estimate how good your solution will be If the numbers aren’t available just make it up Big company’s use percentages smaller companies uses dollar’s and cents Benefit solution = salespeople can better perform Can’t give out t00 much information before the customer says “that’s enough info we will contact you” make sure you are protected, have nondisclosure forms 6-17 *Chally Benchmarking research 6-18 -performance dataif you have many customer’s you can use them as a reference 6-21 2.  bragging about how good you are and how good your company is 6-22 Page 134 good way to show you how to quantify 6-23 Be careful how much you
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