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MKT 504 Ch 10

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MKT 504
Harvey Mc Phaden

th CHAPTER 10 –June 20 2013 Contact information: [email protected] Before you are interviewed you are an unproved resource  interview is critical for you  shows the consistency in your resume -anytime you engage into an interview make it sounds as if you are having a regular conversation with a friend -the hiring manager they are deciding whether you are the right fit for this job (this is the interview process) -as you physically approach the meeting  show that you are trustworthy  use body language to build confidence to represent your corporation show liability (being able to rely on and being the right person to count on by meeting deadline  provide value Example: specific about your skill (have stories to prove your analytical skills)  Sociability how you demonstrate EQ  by being friendly and trustable SFE (Sales force effectiveness issue) -competition is not a problem or an issue  be able to differentiate -Demographics Social trends -technology -economy (“economy sucks” is not an issue) -political and illegal -the 4 P’s are controllable factors  the competition is not a controllable factor  be able to articulate value  in other words what do you bring Slide 10-3 1. being more conscious about spending money (decisions go up) 2. sales cycles longer  takes longer to get money 3. keep your focus on clients business Slide 10-6 -have a purpose in meeting with the interviewer  match skills (inform skills, knowledge, attitude) Slide 10-7 -Careful needs analysis is what drives the problem -flawless service after the sale  talk about being service oriented and be able to explain it Slide 10-8 -link between skill and what company is looking for Slide 10-10 -body language 90% of the time it is important  critical  need to look right  use it as an advantage  be confident Slide 10-11 -common in complex sales -initial meting  set an objective  to know their objective -secon
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