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MKT510 Chp 4

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MKT 510
Ida Berger

Week 3 Chapter 4 Brand elements: are those trademarkable devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand, the main ones are brand names, urls, logos, symbols, characters, spoke-people slogans.. Criteria for choosing brand elements: 1. memorable,necessary fr building brand equity is achieving a high level of brand awareness. 2. meaningful, descriptive, persuasive (general information, specific information (pg. 115) 3. likeable, fun and interesting, rich verbal and visual imagery 4. transferable, within and across product categories, across geographic boundaries and cultures 5. adaptable, flexible, updateable 6. protectable, legally competitively -choose brand elements that can be protected internationally -formally register them with the appropriate legal -vigorously defend trade marks from unauthorized copy right infringement Options and tactics for brand elements Brand Names: they are important because they usually captures the central theme or key associations of a product in a very compact and economical function. - hardest thing for marketers to change Naming guidelines - simple and easy to pronounce or spell - familiar and meaningful - different - distinctive - unusual (^this falls under brand awareness) Brand associations Morpheme: is the smallest linguistic unit having meaning There are 7000 morphemes in the English language including real words like “man” as well as prefixes, suffixes or roots Some words beign with : Plosives: bcdgkp and t Sibilants: which are sounds like s and soft c Naming procedures 1. Define objectives: define the branding objectives in terms of the six general criteria noted earlier and in particular define the ideal meaning the brand should convey **7 crucial naming techniques look at page 125 clue chart** 2. generate names: generate as many names and concepts as possible 3. screen initial cantidates: screen all the names against the brading objectives, and market considerations identified in step 1 4. study candidate names: collect more extensive information about each of the 5-10 names. Do an international legal search this step is usually expensive 5. reseach the final cantidates, conduct consumer research to confirm management expectations about the memorability and meaningfulness of the remaining names 6. select the final name: based on all the info collected from the previous step management should be able to choose a name that maximizes the firms branding and marketing objectives URLs: Specify locations of pages on the web and are also called domain names. Anyone wishing to own a specific url must pay for it Companies must protect their brands their brands from unauthorized use in other domain names Top five areas of legal activity initiated by the comp
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