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MKT 702
Rob Wilson

MKT702 – Wk. 2 - Lecture September 10, 2013  Marketing as a discipline is fairly young, but marketing as a practice goes back hundreds of years *Reaper case handed out  Product quality: o Product shipped partly assembled o Save freight costs o Reduce manufacturing costs o Farmer attached wheels and made setting adjustments o Excellent instructions included o All parts numbered and colour coded o Arrows for adjustments o Performance depended on how well reaper assembled, set, and maintained  How did providing clear instructions provide a competitive advantage? o Better instructions = better user training = better performance = higher satisfaction = more goodwill = more word of mouth = future sales  Repairs and maintenance o Standardized parts  Eg: same wheel on different pieces of equipment o Why is this a competitive advantage?  Allows for cannibalization if brand loyal  Reduces inventory at dealer  Reduces manufacturing costs supply  Distribution and selling o Used local agents to “maintain sample machine, canvas local…territory delver reapers and instruct buyers…stock parts, do repair work, make
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