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Ryerson University
MKT 702
John Peco

Understanding of that video. Do the reading prior to class to answer the labs. Short answer questions similar on the midterm. Lab 2 questions 1. Napolean used 120 paces per minute vs. 70 paces per minute. Lived off the land rather than bringing supplies. -structure of flows, disruptive technologies. Flow of the resources of goods in markets. 2. which of the following would most lincrease you ability to compete against domestic and foreign competition? -holistic marketing. To meet the demands of the modern era, we need to be looking across the organization, not just sales or product. 3. modern marketing management techniques. 4. Us mint. -core marketing concepts (needs/wants/targets/positiong) 5. Silos, silos are independent, and departments are silo’ed and the organization is fragmented. 6. The new 4 Ps, people, processes, programs and performance. Not an abandonment, just a new emphasis. Labs: if you miss a class, will disregard 1 lab mark for everybody!!! YAY (best 6 out of 7 lab marks) Class notes: Marketing Strategy and Plans Define it: implementing and evaluating cross functional decisions. Marketing helps to try to bridge those Silos throughout the firm. A strategy is long-term. Strategy requires approaching it from a new perspective, innovating. “if were innovating we must be strategic” not true, take these two apart and it will push your firm farther. Building the capacity for excellence for our campaigns through strategy. Comprehensive marketing strategy envelops and surrounds the business strategy. Something that has to be developed, within the context of the organization and it’s consumers, has to have goals to evaluate, and is typically long term. How is strategy related to value proposition (walmart: we give you great value) (Hollister: you look good in this brand, you feel good in this brand) (which should I spend my money with you then with someone else), and perceived value? The strategy is driving the focus. Very clear value proposition and the perceived value that is portrayed to us. Business don’t exist to generate profit, they exist because of the economic value that’s generated. Profitability increases overall value and increases stock value. Any organization anywhere has Michael Porter’s primary activities: inbound logistics (resources), operations, outbound statistics (engaging the customer), marketing and sales and Service. Strategy is trying to achieve the most value as we possibly can, one eye on competitors, one eye on our customers. And it has to do with the right set of primary activities. Success depends upon researching and targeting and representing a good or service to a particular customer. It’s about looking over our shoulder a
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