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MKT 702
John Peco

Competitive advantage 1. Sustainable competitive advantage Can we in spite of all the changes in the industry continue to have the upper hand? It comes down to employing the right strategy to keep the competitive advantage. Leadership is what? Overall financial success? Innovations? Newbalance- not industry leader, but found tremendous success What are the risks of being a leader? -consumer expectations -competitors stealing ideas Porter Examples: Relaxed, simple, easy, hassle-free, treated with respect. Air Canada has to be aware of this, and be able to respond to this. The world might change, because of 9- 11 which was a single event on one day, the whole world changed and the travel industry. Our sustainability is not a given and has to be constantly reviewed. “rouge” Mr. Clean: theyre changing the definition of what leadership is in that particular category. Zellers purchased towers and k-mart. Walmart purchased Woolco, Simpsons acquired by the Bay. New entrants (target, Nordstrom, saks). Why are U.S. retailers so interested in the Canadian marketplace? There is demand from online shopping. And the US retail space is saturated and there is very little room to grow. Roots: the connection with their customer audience was taken for granted, and didn’t evolve in the way the customers did . Can a brand maintain its position indefinitely? Is the whole idea of a sustainable competitive advantage an oxymoron? Is this impossible? Strategies -delivering more for less is the classic threat. (we’ll give a little bit better service, and charge a little bit less) Not sustai
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