MKT 829 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Unique Selling Proposition, Naming Rights

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Lecture 5
Thursday, March 1, 2018
12:06 PM
Partnership marketing
Strategic partnerships
o Developing valuable, unique, and dynamic integrated marketing programs that are designed
to deliver on measurable objectives.
Strategic Parterships….
o Have to be authentic and integrated
o Have to drive sales
o Have to build loyalty and amplify the message
o We believe, they need to be exclusive
How to build a successful strategic partnership
o Listen first
o Understand the brands objectives
o Understand your unique selling proposition
o Map brands objectives to your unique selling proposition
o Tailor a custom one of a kind programs
Ford Example
Ford wanted to
o Develop content that connects with raptors fans in a meaningful way
Data Driven Selling Strategy
o Present a brand based on research
o At MLSE, we use data and analytics to help sell, optimize and evaluate partnerships
o About the customers first
o 3 areas (Deloitte Moneyball Lecture) - deloitte guest lecturer : Commercial, match day, and
Guest Lecturers
Why do banks sponsor?
o Banks are boring
o Want to be associated with another brand that is "fun"
o Banking is not a consumable product
o BMO is a North American bank, have as many sponsorships in the States as Canada
Why does Budweiser sponsor?
o 40% market share, but still groig, to care out a iche to eat ito the copetitor’s arket
o Brand or sales led sponsorship because there is a lot of beer sold!
o Consumable product
BMO has been a naming rights partner with TFC stadium
find more resources at
find more resources at
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