MPS 301 Lecture Notes - Hannah Höch, Marlene Dietrich, Socialist Realism

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19 Nov 2012
German & Russian Photography
1910-1930 Politically driven photography
Berlin Dadaist movement
Determined in creating an unstable word against the bourgeois
-View from the trench war and views from before and after
Wanted to make fun of the bourgeois culture and capitalism and the things that
they held precious
Berlin were the most politically engaged
Rhahul Haussmann and Hannah Hoch
Rahul H. was an anarchist, free thinker, designer and photographer and college
Tatman at home small college 18x12
To have an idea for an image and the images that can express it at two different
- I prefer to portray a man who has nothing in his mind except for machines
- He must also think of large machinery
- This man would also like to travel
- Something was needed at the right of an image therefore it was added the
dummy and the internal organs of a person
- This is an important piece due to the association and the ideas behind it in
Dadaist movement
- It was approached as creating an aesthetic object not just a statement piece
in chaos
Was interested in the sounds and images
- ABDC portrait of the artist
- A self portrait
Dada in daily life
- Or dada cina
These are more anarchistic look than a politically motivated
Hannah Hoch was associated with Haussmann due to their extended affair
- she was not allowed to go to school because her family wanted her to look
after her younger siblings
- The war destabilized her as a person as well as her sense of security
Made a living for working for a news paper and creating sewing patterns
She was well known for her work however, went into obscurity and then was later
revived in 1960’s
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