MPS 301 Lecture Notes - Documentary Photography, National Child Labor Committee

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19 Nov 2012
History of Photography October 12, 2010
Photographs derive from previous art from an maintain the same principles
-Such as Painting or drawing
Borne uses the same conventions to photograph the Indian landscape as he had the
English landscape
Photo’s in publication note,
Text, Portrait notification
When writers and theorists document photography
- it is seen as light writing
- Private/ authoritative
All of which as contained in documentary photography
However, this kind of photography deals with different perspectives and different
The shift from a an anthropological server and the interest of an avid photographer
1877-78 Published a book with three installments 3 photos and 3 texts
He states that he will show us 2 different types of people
- Ones that you may interact with or that you may see in life
The second type of people he planned on showing were people we would never
meet because they were the poorest
Walkers model is more interested in documenting a situation that changing it or
making a political statement
Jacob Reese
1849 born in Denmark and was trained as a carpenter
Immigrated to US in 1970
Secured a job in the New paper world and returned to Denmark in 1975 and began
career as a journalist
How The Other side Lives was published by Reese as a social commentary and was
aimed to change the way people lived
- This crime, unsanitary actions and living conditions must change
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