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Lecture 6

MPS 42A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Historicity Of Homer, Business Card, Market Trend

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Sara Angelucci

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Portfolio Reies
Portfolio reviews take place on Tuesday, March 28,
One-On-One 1-4:30 pm
Cinq a Sept (5-7)
Basic Structure of a Portfolio Review:
- Provide an overview or cocktail statement of your work
- Show 1-2 bodies of concisely edited, precisely presented work
- Come prepared with relevant questions for the reviewers
- See if the reviewer is open to a continued dialogue
- Leave behind something by which they will remember you
The Cocktail Statement Should:
- Demonstrate an understanding of your own practice
- Provide a concise point of departure for the follow-up conversation
Statement should address:
- The kind of work you make (fine art, commercial, editorial, etc)
- The ideas/themes/subjects that are reoccurring in your work
- Technical strengths, historical foundation, political motivations, aesthetic
Choosing and Editing Your Work:
- Stick to 1-2 bodies of work, 3 at the most
- Show 10-20 images for each project. Keep a B folder with the 2nd best images.
Sometimes reviewers want to see what else you have
- Edit down each series to include only the very best images
- Start with your strongest work
- Give an introductory statement to contextualize the work
- Give the reviewer space and time to look allow them to set the pace
Know Your Audience
- Read up on the reviewer
- Know what they do, where they work and the kind of work that interests
- Read the bios provided and then research them online to see what their
institution does
Presenting on Computer:
- Laptop presentations are fine but do not give a guided point and click tour
of your website. This is boring for the reviewer
- Instead use Bridge or Powerpoint, or some other presentation software
- Edit and swequence
Presenting Prints and Other Physical Objects:
find more resources at
find more resources at
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