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Lecture 9

MPS 608 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Style Guide, Untitled Film Stills, Susan Sontag

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MPS 608
Sara Knelman

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Concepts and Theories II
Objects and Digital Images
Objects and Digital Images
Jason Evans, The Daily Nice (one photo posted at a time, erased and displaced by
each new image uploaded)
“We are not having our choices taken away from us by the usurping of analog by
digital; we just have to expand what photography can be.”
- Jason Evans
Is photography dead?
Software as Darkroom
Writing a Catalogue Essay (Workshop)
- choose a focused topic: this could be a specific curatorial theme or approach,
a comparison of two artists, or an indepth exploration of one artist or even a
single work
- consider your materials for investigation: the amin texts/objects/images you
wish to write aout in your essay
- think about how you want to approach them: how do they connect to your
exhibition’s theme?
- Now that you have your topic and a general idea of how you want to
approach it, try formulating it as a research question
- This will help you narrow your topic and focus your thinking and research
- For example, say you are writing an essay about Cindy Sherman’s untitled
film stills, what are some questions you may ask about her work?
oHow did her work change our idea of self-portraiture?
oWhat’s the significance of the quantity/volume of the work?
- look through a few exhibition catalogues to think about the different ways
that they approach a theme or artist
- spend time examining your chosen visual material: how do these
images/objects relate to the ideas you wish to explore?
- Use the library resources to help you find critical writing about artists, ideas
or curatorial approaches that can help situate your point of view
- Find high quality images for use as reference and as illustrations
Preparing to write
- take notes – write down your own thoughts and observations, useful quotes
you may use, ideas the texts raise, and complete references of the books or
articles you are reading
- consider how you want to structure your essay
find more resources at
find more resources at
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