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Lecture 2

Winter Week 2 - Historical Development

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 2 Historical DevelopmentJanuary13101001 PM1 Identify the significant historical events that shaped nursing and nursing educationHippocrates circa 460370 bc was the first to make observations of patients and develop treatments on the basis of symptoms considered the father of scientific medicine and Western medical ethicsDuring the early Christian period with the emphasis of Christianity on love for others nursing became a caring service undertaken by women During the seventeenth century conditions began to improve and there was greater emphasis on nursingThe movement to improve standards of nursing care in the midnineteenth century was spearheaded by Florence Nightingale who is considered the founder of modern nursing 1737 Grey Nunswent across Canada opening hospitals Cared for poor sick orphanIn Germany Pastor Theodore Fliedner established his now famous Institute ofDeaconessesat Kaiserwerth in 1836 to prepare women to serve as nursesIn 1860 Florence Nightingale established a financially independent school of nursingin association with St Thomass Hospital in London England Interest in the new school was high Soon hospital training schools for nurses were established throughout Europe and North America1874 first hospital diploma school in Canada the St Catharines Training School1881 Mary Agness Snively established the nursing school at Toronto Gener
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