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Lecture 3

Winter Week 3 & 4 - Rights and Responsibilities of a Self-Regulated Health Profession in Ontario

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 34 Rights and Responsibilities of a SelfRegulated Health Profession in OntarioJanuary20101011 PM1 Define the term profession identify the essential qualities and values required for a field of work to be considered a profession ProfessionSpecific body of knowledge and those who have that knowledge belong to the professionUniversity education certification or competency testing lengthy preparationMembers of a profession adhere to a code of conductComplex knowledge baseResearch underpins knowledgeMinimal societal controlControlled by its membersSelfregulationQualities and ValuesPersonal code of nursing ethics and behaviourAct as a professionalPositively defend profession and speak of being a professional proudlyLead by example so others can followBeing a mentor sharing professional knowledgeWorking to your highest potentialA contributing representative member of the staff profession community and society as a wholeContinuously strive for personal and professional growth and developmentSet personal and professional goals and accomplish themBelong to and contribute to professional organizations2 Describe the characteristics
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