NSE 11A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Blood Sugar, Nursing Diagnosis, Cluster Analysis

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8 Feb 2016
NSE11-Week 3
Week 3: Nursing Diagnosis and Nutrition
Potter & Perry p. 162-171, 174-188, 194-200 and Roy Chapter 6
Discuss the significance and contribution of NANDA to nursing practice
NANDA= North American Nursing Diagnosis Association
NANDA is a professional organization of nurses’ standardized nursing terminology that
develops, researches, disseminates and refines the nomenclature, criteria, and taxonomy
of nursing diagnoses
A medical diagnosis is the identification of a disease condition on the basis of a specific
evaluation of physical signs, symptoms, the client’s medical history and the results of
diagnostic tests and procedures
NADNDA has two nursing diagnoses that apply to knowledge: deficient knowledge and
readiness for enhanced knowledge
Discuss the diagnostic reasoning process
Outline the principles of diagnostic reasoning
Diagnostic reasoning is a process of using assessment data about a client to logically
explain a clinical judgement: in this case, a nursing diagnosis
The diagnostic process flows from the assessment process and includes decision-making
These steps include data clustering, identifying client needs, and formulating the
diagnosis or problem
Clusters and patterns of data often contain defining characteristics; the clinical criteria or
assessment findings that help confirm an actual nursing diagnosis
Clinical criteria are objective or subjective signs and symptoms, clusters of signs and
symptoms, or risk factors that lead to a diagnostic conclusion
While focusing on patterns of defining characteristics, you also compare a clients pattern
of data with data that are consistent with normal, healthy patterns
Summarize the types and risks of diagnostic errors
Errors in data collection
Errors in interpretation and analysis of data
Errors in data clustering: this occur when data are clustered prematurely or incorrectly or
are not clustered at all. Premature closure of clustering occurs when you make the
nursing diagnoses before grouping all data
Errors in diagnostic statement: inaccurately interpreting the nursing diagnoses may result
in developing and delivering inappropriate interventions leading to undesirable outcomes
Identify the steps for diagnostic reasoning
Critical thinking, assessing the database, validating data, analyzing and interpreting data,
clustering cues, consulting NANDA list of nursing diagnose, writing the nursing
diagnostic statement
The diagnostic label is the name of the nursing diagnosis as approved by NADA
- It describes the essence of a client’s response to health conditions in as few words as
- They include descriptors used to give additional meaning to the diagnosis
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