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NSE21A/B (Lecture + readings) Taken from Fall/Winter 2010-2011

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Krista Katra- Cooper

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WEEK 12 BeliefsMeaning RicherEzerPask printoutsWednesday October 20 20101246 PMWk 2week 1Students Hernadez Nursing metaparadigms Nursing Health Person and EnvironmentAccording to RoyPerson an adaptive system in constant interaction with a changing environmentAssessment examine behaviours in the physiological selfconcept role function and interdependent modes bahvioural manifestations through regulator and cognator processes adaptive or ineffectiveEnvironment analysis of stimuli influencing ineffective behaviours that have been prioritized by the nurse as most threatening to the persons integrityDepends on 3 classifications of stimuli contextual focal and residualNursing When 2 level assessment is complete problems are identified and stated as nursing diagnosis nurse focused goalsBased on diagnosis and outcomes specific goalsinterventions are determined to guide nurses manipulation of stimuli to move person to desired adaptationEvaluation of interventions consider the persons behaviour changes and are modified to promote successful adaptation of the 4 modesAccording to PaskMoral Agency inclusive of rational and selfexpressive choice notions of identity socialhistorical relational influences autonomous action and embodied engagementMoral identity Constrained by a prior framework of valueAccording to Hernandez Evaluating your beliefs assumptions and valuesBeliefs succinct definitions and broad description of the 4 metaparadigms conceptsAssumptions presupposition or things taken for grantedValues aspects or behaviours that are deemed to be desirable or evaluated as good worthy or to be esteemedPhilosophy Pursuit of wisdom an analysis of the grounds of and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs a theory underlying or regarding a sphere of activity or thought the most basic beliefs concepts and attitudes of an individual or groupWhat is a beliefA conviction that something is true WebsterAre a persons existing attitudes expectationsvaluesA set of related ideas that are learned shared and persist over time if they are supported by the larger societyRooted in reality are shaped by human imagination and are at the centre of a persons identityCore beliefs rigid global and often overgeneralizedIntermediate beliefs influenced by core beliefs and consist of attitudes rules and assumptionsCulture reflected in behaviours and in how people define their place in the worldAccording to RicherEzerIllnesses and their impact depend largely on the individualDepends on past experiences andbeliefs of family membersMay be rational or irrationalMay change with the influence of info or after an eventFound at the conscious levelAffect how the individual sees positivenegative events and how they cope with themSituational meaning in this moment presently NSE21 Page 1 Situational meaning in this moment presentlySet of expectations generated by individuals perception of a new eventMeaning of a specific stressful eventsituationIncludes primarysecondary appraisalImplicit meaningpersonal significance attached to a negative eventthat evokes special problemsemotions that affect the adjustment processFormed from perceived relationships bw their resources and the demands of the situationAttributes of situational meaningCognitive and emotional elements1Changes as event unfolds2Shaped modified by current situation3Antecedents preexisting beliefs and existential meaning4Consequences behavioural and emotional responses5Existential meaning the big picture individuals perception of hisher place in the worldPrimary motivational force unique and specific to each individualA search for coherence and purpose in lifeLearned through social interactions and linked to identityA frame of reference to justify behaviourMeaning of life the individual realm of a persons life humanity and the timing and fragility of human existenceLife schemes cognitive representation which make sense of ones purpose in lifeFinding meaning a process of changing the life schemes so that purpose and order are restoredGlobal meaning shared meanings families hold about themselves in relation to each other the community and systems family schemaIMPORTANCE You need to clarify your values and beliefs in order to avoid hypocrisy According to Mezirow between what you say and what you doMeaning Schemes Sets of related and habitual expectations governing ifthen causeeffect sequences of events and relationshipsMeaning Perspectivesthe structure of assumptions that constitute a frame of reference for interpreting the meaning of an experience how they are related to conceptsReflection involves the assessment of the assumptions implicit in beliefs including beliefs about how to solve problems to explore past experiences to lead to new understand and appreciationCritical thinkingrecognizing the assumptions underlying our beliefs and valuesLearning the process of making a new or revised interpretation of the meaning of an experience which guides subsequent understanding appreciation and action to enable us to understand the meaning of our experiences and to realize value in our livesInstrumental learningtask orientated problem solving relevant for controlling others and our environmentsCommunicative learning understanding meaning of others communicationSelfreflective learning requires identifying dependencyproducing psychological assumptions acquired in childhood that prove dysfunctional in adulthoodTransformational learning to make meaning means to make sense of an experience we make an interpretation of itPerspective transformation the process of becoming critically aware of how and why the meaning we attach to things has to come to constrain the way in which we perceive our world NSE21 Page 2
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