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Speech Pathologist

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Week 4 Speech Pathologist Presentation September3010105 PMSpeak Pathologist Dysphasia Communication tests strokeSwallowing Assessment Referral from either nursing or physician only if NPO Chart review Make sure the bed is high enough at eye level Position the client so the foods are not at risk of falling into the airwayPositioned back supineTilt head back Ask the client to open the mouth and say ahh and look at the soft palate to see if its lifting symmetrically stroke may not be able to open symmetricallySqueeze out the fluid of the swab Provide oral careteeth cheeks and check cavities scrub tongue Breath support ask client to say ahh as long as possibleCheck for tongue mobility tongue helps to get rid of things in the mouth Side to side Tongue towards cheeks for long as possiblePretend to kisshow well lips closesee if there is a risk for anterior spill smile range of motion is full and if its symmetricalbahabahbah thahthathtaha puticaputicaputicaputica slowly first then as fast as the clients can Coordination Ca how far the tongue can move backWeakness there may be at risk of foreign objects falling into
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