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Week 1-5 + 11 (Chapter 22); Lecture + Text

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NSE 306
Carmen James- Henry

Key conceptsFriday January 13 20121103 AMLeadership having the initiative and skills to influence aid and support a groupInitiativeResponsibleKnowledgeableOrganizationTime management10 nursing leaders that are aliveManagementFollowershipChangeChaos or crisis in order for change to take placeLeadership TheoriesSituationalTransactionalTransformationalNSE 306 Page 1 Week 2Wednesday January 25 20121005 PMBridgeintroduction of the topic to get the attention of participants Looks at team building and skills used in a teamObjectivewhat you plan to accomplish in the class on the topics that will be discussed about 4 or 5 objectives Pretestprovide a test before to see what knowledge participants have Participationprovide activities Posttestsee how much participants have learned after the seminar and what objectives have been met Summaryoverall summary of what was learned Chapter 6Personal and Interdisciplinary Communication Trends in Society that Affect CommunicationIncreasing diversity ethnic racial cultural and socioeconomic backgroundoAging population oNurses need to compensate for the diminished sensory abilities that typically oaccompany agingShift towards an electronic modeoCommunication typically involvesSender whooMessage whatoReceiveroFeedback oChannels of CommunicationAuditoryoVisualoKinesthetic oAnything to do with feelingTouch physiological responsecognitive and emotional Process levelsSimplest reportingoNext level integrates stimulusoHighest level interpret oModes of CommunicationVerbal Communication oNonverbal CommunicationoElectronic Communication oRespond in timely manner Always proofread Level of communication Public Communication oIntrapersonal communication oSelf talk Simms Price and Ervin 2000 present intercommunication as the first important element in developing a sphere of communication Interpersonal Communication o NSE 306 Page 2
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