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Janet Koprivnikar

NSE31 lec 1 – Sep 5 2013 Health – physical, mental (stress free), family, community interaction - health is physical, mental and social in nature What is health - health is subjective WHO – 1948 - health: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and mot merely the absence of disease or infirmity o The wealth has better health. Poverty is a key determinant of health, and education is important for health. WHO – 1986 - Health is a positive concept of emphasizing social and person resources, as well as physical capacities o Personal resources is the strength that you carry o You cannot be strong in terms of health even though you are strong if your social resources are not good o You need to have a balance around your self to maintain your health - ….a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living o health is more of a process o people need to have all the resources available to live a healthy life WHO 1992 - health depends on our ability to understand and manage the interaction btw human and their environment o need to look if their interaction with their environment is positive or negative o ex. Like to be not get a job because u live in jane/finch, walk on a street and get stopped by a cop; what it is to be to woken up by a gun shot o community nurse look at the issues that impact on the community and environment o What is Health: A critical analysis - people live and work in groups, communities and societies, which have lives of their own and impact on each other quite profoundly - if health is defined only in individual terms, the issues of power and control and the unequal access to life chances are ignored o what does it mean for a neighbourhood to a have more access than a neighbourhood to have no or some access  ex. One neighbour have three supermarket while another have none and they have to go to a different area Ways of thinking about health - medical (biomedical) perspective – illness  have to the physical nature of the illness - behavioural perspective – risk behaviour  focus on ppl’s behaviour for them to be helathy - - socio-environmental perspective – risk condition  tells to look at the upstream of these condition o some women o elderly – socially isolated o poo
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