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Lecture 2

Week 2 (Class 1) - Achieving Health For All: Health Promotion & Community Health Nursing Frameworks

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Margareth Zanchetta

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Week 2 Class 1 Achieving Health For All Health PromotionCommunity Health Nursing FrameworksSeptember12111108 AMYoung and Higgins 2012What is discourse1Defined in numerous waysA patterned system of texts messages talk dialogue or conversations which can be identified in these communications located in social structuresCommonly understood to play major roles in shaping relations of powerDiscourses of prediction and control are characteristic of traditional quantitative science and research while qualitative and naturalistic research in health is to let everyone speak in the first person singular and pluralCurrent discourses of health will have elements of bothHow does discourse shape the way we think about health Give examples from your lived 2experiencesThe discourses that are currently taking place quantitative and qualitative shape the perspectives on healthThe medical view sees health as the absence of diseaseDeeply entrenched perspective on healthDominant health discourse in Western societyHas the power to influence massive individual and collective activities and expendituresSees body as a machine that needs to be fixedSome argue that a medical model of health obscures the political conditions that render society unhealthy while seizing the power of individuals to heal themselvesCanadian governments prioritize the funding of health care based on the medical model and fund interventions aimed at discouraging unhealthy lifestyles to a much lesser extent an example of the power of a domina
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