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Lecture 3

Week 3 (Class 2) - Promotion and Sustainable Development: Frameworks and Application

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Ryerson University
Margareth Zanchetta

Week 3 Class 2 Promotion and Sustainable Development Frameworks and ApplicationSeptember2011817 PMClass 2 Cohen 2012 Smith Van HerkRahaman 2012HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN THE APPROACH TO HEALTH PROMOTIONThere have been three major approaches to health enhancement since the beginning of the 20th centuryBiomedical Approach focused on preventing disease or disabilities in individuals by decreasing their physiological risk factors hypertension hypercholesterolemia lack of immunity etcBehavioralLifestyle Approach The Lalonde Reportnoted that the health of Canadians was not improving despite an increase in health services Lalonde argued for a new perspective which paid more attention to the promotion of health Although he listed several determinants of health it was argued that the focus should be placed on individual behaviors and lifestyles that could be modified The SocioEnvironmental Approach Health and illness are a result of broad factors such as socioeconomic and physical environment the level of social support and cohesion among individuals and communities the level of education working conditions etc Social change was viewed as more important than individual changeIn 1978 the WHO released the Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care PHC was anticipated to be the means of achieving the goals outlined in the Health for All document and several principles of PHC especially the importance of community participation and the need for intersectoral collaboration in order to address the broad social and environmental determinants of population health emerged as new principles in the new approach to health promotion1 What are the key principles of primary health care Give examples of eachPrimary health care was first described in the landmark document the Declaration of Alm
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