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Lecture 4

Week 4 (Class 3) - Community Health 'Situational' Assessment

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Margareth Zanchetta

Week 5 Class 4 Epidemiology Health Surveillance Health Protection and Health Equity October22111150 PMEpidemiologyEpidemiology is defined as the study of the occurrence and distribution of healthrelated states or events in specified populations including the study of the determinants influencing such states and the application of this knowledge to control the health problemSubdisciplines can be divided into two streams the exposureoriented subdisciplines eg nutritional social environmental and the diseaseoriented sub disciplines eg cancer injury perinatalThe purpose of epidemiology is to describe explain predict and control challenges to population health Basic Building Blocks in EpidemiologyEpidemiologic ModelThe classic epidemiologic model contains the elements of host agent and environment It is frequently presented as a triangleThe host is the human being in which the disease occursTheagent is the contagious or noncontagious force that can begin or prolong a health problemInclude bacteria viruses as well as stimuli such as smoking or the absence of vitamin CThe environmentis the context that promotes the exposure of the host to the agent The epidemiologic model posits that disease is the result of interaction among these three elementsOther authors have introduced a vector that moves between the agent and the host assisting the movement of disease between the other two elementsEpidemiologic VariablesIn order to completely and accurately describe the patterns of health ch
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