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NSE31 Fall Discussion + Lecture Notes

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Jonathan Wong

Week 2 Class 1 Achieving Health for AllMonday September 12 2011218 PMClass 1 YoungHiggins 2012 pg 768922halifaxcommunity nursing changes throughout history and is influenced by economy politics and societal factorsdeterminants of health differ by economic status financial ability cultural backgrounds etc as opposed to what they initially thought individual behaviourCritical thinking is about questioning assumptions things we take for granted thoughts ideas etccontinually ask WHYCritical Nursing Practice is about Reflexivity It matters becauseBeing reflexive is more than simply reflecting upon eventssituationsDeliberately putting yourself into an event of reflection additional research interaction and resourcesLook at yourself in relation to personsituation and realizing that there are connectionsprivilegesassumptions that you hold which gives you power how does this affect your interactionHealth Not merely the absence of disease biomedical perspectiveHealth promotion perspectiveTranscends our body mind and spiritA resource for everyday livingA fundamental human rightThere are many factors that contribute to healthIntrapersonalIndividual biologicalpsychologicalInterpersonalStructuralHistoricalCulturalSocialEconomicPoliticalEnvironmentalCommunity A group of people living within a region distinct by social political and physical boundaries with common needs interests and goalsCommunity Healthhealth of a communityDetermined by the ability of all the people within the community toReach full mental spiritual and physical potentialLive in safety with vigor and purpose NSE 31 Page 1 Live in safety with vigor and purposeMeet personal needsMeet community responsibilitiesAdapt to changeHave trusting and caring relationshipsWhat is discourse1way of communicating thought picture statement media it reinforces a statementA patterned system of texts messages or talk that is produced through power relations in society and also produces andor reinforce social structuresHow does discourse shape the way we think about health Give examples from your lived experiences Hint 2MediaYou must think of the context in which these simplistic discourses existA glass of wine a day will decrease risk of CVD discourse however who can afford wine everydayWhat is an ecological perspective on health3The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundingsWhat determines the heart health of lowincome lone mothers in Canada 4Access to education health services finances quality foodstresssmokingPoverty and Social Inequalities exist in every countryThe extent is dependent on the statesocietysSocial welfare system health education income securityPolitical ideologiesdiscourseEconomic polices min wageValues social justiceOther support systems food banksSocial and environmental factors play an important role in our healthWhat are upstream midstream downstream approaches to health promotionGive an example for 5each approachDownstream an individualfocused orientation to treatment and cure Biomedical modelPharmacology surgery and rehabMidstream support at the community and organization level for creating environments conducive to living healthfullyOpportunities for physical activity prenatal care programs health educationUpstream healthy public policies programs and services deal with macrolevel issues of employment education and reimbursement mechanisms that affect all in a community doing things to change the determinants of healthUniversal health care NSE 31 Page 2
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