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Josephine Wong

Class 7: Communing health program planning, implementation and evaluation - Population health template (health Canada 2001) o Using and understand data to help understand the priority needs of the community o Use evidence to inform what we’re going to do - Upstream: education, bringing in policies to change the environment Priority Setting in Population Health Promotion - Key consideration o The agency you work for agency/funder mandateMOHLC Mandate and Guidelinesevidence on urgency of needs available resourcesstakeholders ecpectationcommunity ownership and buy-inHP values/principles – “upstream”feasibility of plans - Moderating Factors in Priority Setting o Available resources, number of priority issues, who are the decision makers, social and political contexts, power relations, processes used to set priorities - Practical Framework in Priority Setting SWOT Analysis o Strengths: resources, capacity o Weaknesses: resources capacity o Opportunities: community readiness, organizational readiness o Threats: political environment, systemic inequity o PEEST Analysis - Assessment of facilitators and barriers in priority setting and program planning: o Political factors o Economic factors o Environmental factors o Social factors o Technological factors Key Steps in Program Planning, Implementation and Evalutation 1. Preplanning: identity issues/community 2. Conduct a situational assessment 3. Identify goals, priority population and objectives 4. Identify strategies, activities and resources 5. Develop indicators 6. Review the program plan 7. Implement the plan 8. Evaluation – results/impact Program Planning in Simple Terms - Program planning based on the results of our situational assessment what am I trying to achieve?, what am I going to do?, how do I know I have succeeded? Foundation of Program Planning: balance - Specify goals and objectives - Identity HP strategies to achieve objectives - Identify resources required And - HP principles/values and CHN ethic - Equity, human and civil rights, socia
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