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Lecture 6

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NSE 407
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Week 6 - Social Media October-18-12 11:41 AM Lecture Notes • Engaging with Social Media • Review the 13 best practices in social media (Vanderbilt UMC) Will be in one of the articles, review for test • You should consider everything you post online as permanent • Social media is a 2 way conversation,emphasizing engagement and de-emphasizing 1-way communication • Use civil discourse, be respectful and add value to discussions. • Potential benefits of social media • Providesconnections within communitiesand groups • Allows for remoteor isolated individuals to connect with others • May help draw attention to an issue • May provide support for persons with particular illnesses or diagnoses • Social media usage and potential risks • Alongside benefits are obvious risks (to individuals/corporations/companies/group)of the uses of social media. • What are potential risks? ○ Change information ○ Breach of confidentiality ○ Bullying and acts of malice ○ Mismanagementof time ○ Hacking and viruses • Private or public places? • In real life we have fairly good understanding of what are "private" or "public" spaces • Online, "private" and "public" can be blurred • Most of use understand, to somedegree that we can never be truly anonymousonline • Managing potential risks • Risks related to the use of social media must be acknowledged and managed by corporations who use social media • Social Media Policiesin Health Education environments • Why needed? ○ Number of students with social media sites has increased dramatically ○ Potential for violationof patient privacy ○ While many health agencies have social media policies, health care education programs do not. • Social media and professionalism • Professionalismin health care: ○ Involves a high degree of trust ○ Appropriate demeanour ○ Professionalboundaries ○ And respect for patients • Social networking can be seen to potentially threaten professionalism • How should social media be integrated into health education? • Education is seen as one way to inform heath care students about the positives and dangers of using social media. • Educational strategies re professionalism/socialmedia • Role model positiveuses of social media • Acknowledge that use of social media is part of who young health care providers are and so must be better integrated • Better educate students on privacy in managing their own social network accounts. • Explore the use of humour in social media - where it works and where it fails • Produce guidelines for professions • Lookup Skiba article for exam - policy suggestions • Lookup Skiba article for exam - policy suggestions Using Social Media as an Institutional Resource: Implications for the Clinical Nurse Specialist - Barton, J (2011) • Social media consists of a variety of online tools that share the following characteristics: ○ participation ○ openness ○ conversation ○ community • Purpose of the article is to review the current use of social media within health care, provide implications for the CNS and hilight policy considerationsfor health care institutions. • Those who are active members of groups cite use of social media as an important tool • Use of social media for health purposes is influenced more with disease type rather than age. • Risks must also be considered. Many corporationsare using social med
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