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Lecture 3

Fall Week 3 - Ethical Aspects of Nursing Research

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Fall Week 3 Ethical Aspects of Nursing ResearchOctober2510911 PMThe Researchers ResponsibilityTo ensure a research study is conducted in an ethical manner that no harm comes to the participantsResearchers must prepare an ethics application and submit to research ethics committees for approval beforethe study startsThe Nurses Roleensuring the client has all the information necessary to make informed decisionsadvocating for nursing involvement in ethical review boardsparticipating in ethical review of researchensuring ethical guidelines are followed to protect research participantsCodes of EthicsIn response to human rights violations various codes of ethics have been developedInternational standardsThe Nuremberg Code is one of the first internationally recognized sets of ethical standardsThe Declaration of Helsinki was adopted in 1964 by the World Medical AssemblyCanadian standardsCanadian researchers follow the policies in the TriCouncil Policy Statement Ethical Conduct for Research Involving HumansMajor ethical Principles TriCouncil Policy StatementThe ethical framework established by the TCPS is based on the desire to balance research with the imperative of respecting human dignityWhen conducting a study researchers must apply three core principlesRespect for PersonsThe principle of self determination means that prospective participants have the right to
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