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Lecture 4

Winter Week 4 - Probability and Sampling Distributions

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Winter Week 4 Probability and Sampling DistributionsFebruary14111045 AMWhy ProbabilityThe study of probability is the basis for the normal curve and the foundation for inferential statisticsThe normal curve provides us with a basis for understanding the probability associated with any possible outcome such as the odds of getting a certain score on a test or the odds of getting a head on one flip of a coinThe study of probability is the basis for determining the degree of confidence we have in stating that a particular finding or outcome is trueHow Probability WorksResearchers collect data from one sample ideally representative of the population probability sampleTherefore researchers must decide whether sample values statistics are a good estimate of population values parametersInferential statistics are used to help the researcher determine the mathematical probabilitythat the findings from a sample are accurate and not the result of chance because a sample was studied not the entire populationExample A researcher is interested in knowing the level of knowledge that nursing students have in statistics The researcher randomly selects 25 nursing students from a population of 500 in a nursing program and asks them to complete a statistics testThe mean score on the test is 75 The rese
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