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Lecture 6

Winter Week 6 - Inferential Statistics (cont'd) The t test

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Winter Week 6 Inferential Statistics contd The ttestMarch18111201 PMSelecting the ttest for Independent Different GroupsTotest differencesnot relationshipsIn the means between twogroups not moreWhen people in the two groups are differentpeople ie a control group and an experimental groupWhen participants are tested only onceAllows us to answer the question is a portion of the variability between groups attributable to the independent variableUsed in experiment and quasiexperimental designs with a treatment group and comparison groupAlso used in non experimental designsExample Enterostomal nurses are interested in comparing a new wound care product with traditional methodsPediatric nurses are interested in comparing the difference in preoperative anxiety scores between boys and girls The values must be independent people in the control group are not the people in the experimental groupThe independent variable is nominal level dataThe dependent variable data must be interval or ratio levelData should be normally distributed if the sample is smallThe tdistribution is determined by df therefore depends on sample sizeTakes into account Group meansThe larger the difference between sample means more likely ttest will be significantSample sizeLarger the sample the less chance of errorVariabilityThe more variability the more chance of errorGroups with less variability will more likely be significantly differentComputing the t StatisticWhereX1mean for group 1X2mean for group 2n1 number of participants in Group 1n2 number of participants in Group 2 s21 the variance for Group 1s22 the variance for Group 2numerator difference between the meansdenominator
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