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Lecture 8

Winter Week 8 - Inferential Statistics: Pearson's r and the Chi Squared Test

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Winter Week 8 Inferential Statistics Pearsons rand the Chi Squared TestMarch2411943 AMPart 1 Pearsons r Correlation Coefficient ReviewYou will recall that the Pearson testDescribes the relationshipbetween two variablesUsed with interval or ratio measuresIndicates direction and magnitude of relationship between the two variablesRange between 100 and 100Positive correlationvariables change in the same direction or Negative correlationvariables change in opposite directions or How do we know if the rresult is statistically significantThe correlation coefficient acts as its own test statisticThe r value calculated by SPSS is the test statistic obtained valueThe df for this test are n2As usual you can compare the obtained r to the critical values for r at the appropriate df listed in Table B4 Appendix B of SalkindPart 2 Parametric vs Nonparametric StatsAll of the statistical tests we have discussed so far are based on certain characteristics about the data egLevel of measurement of the dependent variable is interval or ratio level The dependent variable is approximately normally distributedStatistical tests that follow these assumptions are called parametric statisticsIf the assumptions are not met in our data we can use nonparametric statistics that dont follow the same rules also called distr
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