NUR 831 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Mind Map

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10 Feb 2016

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Vision and creativity- week 7
[Summary of presentation]
To be a leader, he/she must be e!ectively motivated followers and must have a
Nurses have the capacity to use their vision and creativity in order to manage the
multitude of changes in health care today
Nurses can change health-care
Vision: a dream or idea “speci&c enough to provide guidance to people, yet vague
enough to encourage initiative and to remain relevant under a variety of condition
Allows leaders to create change
To develop a vision: formulating a vision – take risks, use creative talents convince
others and keep pursuing dreams
Using a clinical judgement model
Nurses must “think big”, think positively
Clarifying a vision – Kouzes and Posner’s framework (p.91)
Actualizing a vision – leaders envision the future as being people who can &nd a
common purpose, imagine the possibilities
The leader must inspire followers and value
What happens if there is no vision?
-may not to take professional opportunity for growth
-not aware of the best vision to individual
-increasing confusion what the individual does
Creativity: an attitude that requires us to think that there is no one answer that is
right but many that may be right
Process of creativity: developing brain skills more to allow being more intuitive,
conceptual, artistic
Through re8ective practice, we can open up di!erent ways of thinking about
Di!erent perspectives of creativity
*Fasnacht: creativity as revelation, birth and reincarnation
4 components to assess individual creativity: 8uency, 8exibility, elaboration and
Mindmap of creativity
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