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Nutrition and Food
FNN 200

What is protein? Module 5 Food sources Amino acids Structure Functions 1 What is protein? ong chains of amino acid molecules in different sequences mino acids >> C,H,O,N and sometimes S, with various side chains attached enters food chain through N- fixing bacteria in ____________ roots of legumes_ (alfalfa, peas, beans) 2 Food sources??? 3 1 Amino acids (AAs) __20__ AAs of significance to humans. Types: indispensable (Essential AA), dispensable, conditionally indispensable AAs used to make dispensable AAs & other N compounds ontain: amino group (NH )2 a carboxyl group (COOH), an H atom attached to a central C & a side chain ide chain often noted as R R1 types of AA, based on ____________________ composition 4 R 5 6 2 Classifying amino acids 1.Isoleucine, ndispensable 2.Leucine (essential) AAs: 3.Lysine cannot be synthesized in the body - must be 4.Methionine supplied by the diet 5.Phenylalanine 6.Threonine 7.Tryptophan 8.Valine 9.Histidine 7 Classifying amino acids spensable (non- essential) AAs: can be synthesized in the body through ___________________ Alanine, partic acid Asparagine Glutamic acid Serine 8 Classifying amino acids Conditionally indispensable AAs not synthesized at a rate to rginine meet bodys needs Glutamine lycine roline for cats Tyrosine Cyst(e)ine 9 3 Protein synthesis overview To be learned later (biochemistry) 10 Protein structure Structure determines ______________ Peptide bonds >> amino group of one AA >> carboxyl group of adjacent AA Dipeptide: 2 AA residues Tripeptide: 3 AA residues Polypeptides: many AAs> many peptide bonds (Insulin 51 AA residues) 11 Protein structure Primary (1): Linear sequence of AA residues Secondary (2): 3D elements - alpha & beta helices, sheets Tertiary (3): Orientation of 2 structure - ____________________________ Quaternary (4): Bonds between subunits (_______________) that comprise a functional protein 12 4
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