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Ryerson University
Nutrition and Food
FNS 200
Donna Barnes

FNS 200 Sample Calculation Questions Fall 2013 The chef at Spring Waters Seniors home needs to plan ahead for the Christmas Dinner. She serves the same traditional meal every year. She reviews her records for the past 5 years and finds the following: December 2007 – 121 – 90 gm servings turkey were served December 2008 – 125 - 90 gm servings of turkey were served December 2009 – 136 – 90 gm servings of turkey were served December 2010 – 132 – 90 gm servings of turkey were served December 2011 – 141- 90 gm servings of turkey were served December 2012 – 122 – 90 gm servings of turkey were served In addition, being an experienced Chef she knows once cooked she will be left with 47% of cooked skinless turkey if she were to purchase and cook a whole turkey. The price of a frozen turkey at present is $1.99 / lb. 1 a) Using the moving average method what would she be forecasting for number of servings for December 2013? (Basing it on a 5 year moving average) b) What forecasted number would she have used for December 2012? (Basing it on a 5 year moving average? 2. a) Using the above information, what would she pay per kilogram of frozen turkey? b) How many kilograms of frozen turkey would she need to purchase in order to provide the forecasted number of servings for Christmas 2013? c) How many t
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