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The City

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PHL 101
Julien Beillard

PHL 101 February 2-8, 2011 What is the nature of morality as opposed to immorality? Only knowing that can we figure out whether morality really is better. Socrates proposes that we turn our attention from morality in the individual to morality within a society there morality will appear on a larger scale and it may be easier to perceive it. (We may wonder, of course, whether this key analogy between individuals and communities is a good one.) * * * S begins by imagining a kind of social contract: individuals come together to form a community because they arent self-sufficient. People become involved with various other people to fulfill various needs, and we have lots of needs, so we gather lots of people together ... And then we call this living together a community (p.59). Can you think of any other reason why communities form, asks S? This seems to be a rhetorical question, but maybe we can think of other reasons. For example, maybe people naturally feel kinship and affection for their families? S introduces a principle of specialization: i. Different people are inherently suitable for different activities, ii. People will do their work better when they specialize in only one job. (p.60) * * * The state S imagine
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