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Ryerson University
PHL 201
James Cunningham

PHL 201 Week 7 Monday Inference – a conclusion drawn from evidence – take something you know to learn something new Blaise Pascal - mathematician (set theory) and philosopher “Pensés” – arguments for the existence of God - arguments against the existence of God is a waste of time - why waste of time? – the God that the arguments prove, is not a God we want to worship - we associate God as someone/something that care about us - therefore we don’t want to worship Holy Battery o doesn’t care about us - basis of worship o prayer o sacrifice (offerings) - fact that we persist in believing in a God that cares, says something about us : nature of belief o notion : belief is predicated upon proof – belief is DEPENDENT on proof; need a reason to believe - Pascal – we almost never believe on the basis of proof, no faith on basis of proof - Faith = trust - Truth is belief in the absence of truth - 17 century – people start using the telescope o Galleleo in 1630  First who turned the telescope towards the heaven  Discovered craters on the moon  Discovered Jupiter and its moons  Planets are not holes, (discovered thanks to moons rotating around the planet)  Universe without end – infinite  Infinite – a finite = infinite - If there is a God, he created a universe INFINITE - Humans are FINITE ; if Humans disappeared, it would be as if we never had been – we are therefore insignificant o Care? o Don’t care? o If there is a God, on best evidence, he created us INSIGNIFICANT – he doesn’t care o If he doesn’t care – no point in talking to him; he isn’t listening  And yet we believe o If we are rational, we won’t worship God  And yet we do worship God - Even if we were presented with this argument – we believe because we want to believe o Makes Humans irrational - Pascal says : “The heart believes for reason about which reason knows nothing” s o (1) Reason – motives o (2) Reason – Faculty of reason – that which allows us to calculate, to think logically - Humans motivated by motives that move th
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