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Lecture 6

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Ryerson University
PHL 201
James Cunningham

PHL week 6 ( Tuesday) Principle of Sufficient Reason  Rule: for everything we experience, there must be an explanation that is final or definitive of its existence. The PSR will not accept an infinite regress, therefore, because infinite regress postpones a final explanation indefinitely, which is to say it doesn’t give one.  Penultimate- second last, the one right before the end 3 Ways  Change, cause, contingency o Motion  all things moved must be moved by something  Things that are moved are either potentially in motion, or actually in motion  If something is actually in motion, it has already been moved, so it doesn’t have to move itself  If something is potentially in motion, it can move, but isn’t, since its still, it cannot move anything, including itself  If all things that move, are moved, the question “what moved the mover?” will be repeated forever – but PSR says “that’s no answer”  Therefore we need an unmoved mover  By way of inspiration  1 proof – God o Efficient Cause if all efficient causes are external, then we will never stop asking for efficient causes that are caused b
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