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PHL 201
David Rondel

Monday February 27 2012 Welcome Back thImportant AnnouncementOur class on the morning of Monday March 19 will be cancelled due to my participation in a conferenceMy sincere apologies for thisREMINDER THAT YOUR SHORT PAPERS ARE DUE IN CLASS ON WEDNESDAY MARCH TH7ALSO Term paper questions and instructions now posted on BB This week Aristotles Virtue Ethics Next week We begin our adventure into Metaphysics Aristotle384322 BCEStudent of Plato and teacher to Alexander the Great Hugely influential in virtually every area of philosophy Logic Metaphysics Ethics etc Perhaps the first wholly systematic philosopher His many claims were both amazingly impressive and at other times strangely off the mark1 Spherical earththere are stars seen in Egypt andCyprus which are not seen in the northerly regionsThis could only be true on a curved surface so Aristotle concluded that the earth was spherical2 The claim that human males have more teeth than females What traits of character make one a good person Other theoriesright action VEexcellence of characterWe judge persons as well as actions And it is with persons that the ethics of virtue is primarily concernedVirtues are dispositions not only to act in particular ways but also to feel in particular ways MacIntyre Evaluates both intentmotivation AND outcomeutility Neither by itself is enough to guarantee virtueThe Virtues For Aristotle as James Rachels says a virtue is a trait of character manifested in habitual action The habitual is important But how do we then distinguish virtues from their opposites ie vicesVices are traits of character manifested in habitual action too after all
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