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Ryerson University
PHL 201
David Rondel

BASIC PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY PHL 201011RYERSON UNIVERSITYDepartment of PhilosophyCourse NoPHL 201section 011 BASIC PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHYClass Times Monday 900am1100am KHS369 PT Classroom Wednesday 200300pm KHS369 PT Classroom Winter 2012 Instructor Dr David Rondel OfficeJOR 436Students are encouraged to contact me by email or in personPhone 416 9795000ext TBA Email address drondelryersonca Office Hours PostedTuesdays 1100am100pm or by appt This is a Lower Level Liberal Arts Elective COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course serves as an introduction to philosophy by focusing on problems and issues which have occupied thinkers down through the centuries Such problems include among others how can we relate talk about the cause and effect relationship governing physical events with talk about people making free choices How do mind and body relate What do we really know about the physical world or other peoples minds Can we know whether God exists Are moral judgments objectively true or false What sorts of social and political arrangements does justice require etcDegree credit 42 Hours Lower Level Liberal Studies Antirequisite PHC 180Please noteThis course will be conducted as a reading course with a lecture format that includes inclass participation debate and dialogue Lectures will supplement and amplify course readings they are not a replacement for them Regular attendance and participation in discussion are crucial for success in this course Students must consult the Blackboard site regularly
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