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Ryerson University
PHL 201
David Rondel

March 07, 2012 Some brand of materialism may seem to many of us as obvious, but that’s not necessarily the case -This is the metaphysics (often only implicitly) of natural science… 2 noteworthy brands of non-materialism (dualism) Platonic Metaphysics: Natural Kinds: Most of us have no trouble making the distinction between natural and non-natural kinds: between things like giraffes and stones on the one hand, and bank accounts and NHL hockey, on the other. Among the naturally occurring set of things, why do we group things the way we do? How do we know a horse, say, when we see one? Compare: -A real, live, brown horse -A cartoon representation of a black horse -A photograph of a white horse -A mini figurine, red in color, of a horse Forms Particulars Immaterial Material Timeless Historical/Contingent Perfect Imperfect Plato thought of humans as divided into an immaterial soul and a material body (dualism). We are fundamentally 2 sorts of things—a “duality” of things. -Aristotle (his student) thinks of us as nothing more than a living body with a specific form and principle of
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