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PHL 201
David Rondel

March 14, 2012 John Searle writes: “Every event that happens in the world has antecedent sufficient causes. The sufficient causes of an event are those that, in a particular context, are sufficient to determine that the event will occur. When we say that the causes were sufficient we mean, given that those causes occurred, in that historical context, the event had to occur… the picture we have is that all events in the world are as determined as, for example, the fall of this pen is determined. If I now release it, if I release the pen that I am now holding in the hand, in this context, it will fall to the floor because the forces acting on it are causally sufficient to determine that it will fall. Our conviction of determinism amounts to the view that what is true of the fall of the pen is true of every event that ever has occurred or ever will occur.” David Hume’s Compatibilism: David Hume argued that the dispute about the compatibility of freedom and determinism has been kept alive by ambiguous terminology. Necessity: The uniformity, observable in the operations of nature, where similar objects are constantly conjoined together.” Liberty: “A power of act
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