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PHL 214
James Cunningham

Chapter 7 Relevance 71 Three kinds of Relevance relations possible between premises and the conclusionPositively relevant premise works to prove the conclusionNegatively relevant premise works to disprove the conclusion Negatively relevant premise disproves rather than proves the conclusionIrrelevant premise neither proves nor disproves the conclusionFallacies that occur in the counterarguments72 Straw person fallacyThe Straw person fallacy occurs when someone misrepresents and argument while trying to counter itThe straw person fallacy can be seen as a violation of the principle of charity which requires that we interpret an argument in the most compelling way that it can be readWhen you commit a straw person fallacy you attack a similar but weaker version of the argument Two ways to commit the straw person fallacyOne is to misread the original argument to pretend that is said something different from what it actually saysThe other is to introduce extra material into the debate it may also undermine his confidence by redirecting the argument to a more complicated set of topics73 Ad HominemLatin for against the personis an attempted to refute an argument by attacking the person or people who put it forthSuch attacks are irrelevant because the quality of the argument i
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