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Lecture 2

Lecture notes Week 2-3

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Ryerson University
PHL 302
David Rondel

Week 2 Ethical TheoriesFriday September 16 2011102 PMbrand of consequentialismUtilitarianismActions are judged as morally correct when they result in consequences that are optimalOutcomes are the determining factor Fundamental morality do what has the best consequences this view cannot be improved uponJeremy BenthamHad body preserved taxidermy to prove his views as an atheistthe right action in every single case is the one that produces the greatest amount of Principle of Utilityhappiness to all those that would be affected by the actionGreatest Happiness Principle GHPEveryones happiness must count equallyHappiness is the only thing that is desired for its own sakeIntrinsic value vs instrumental value for further endsJ S Millbelieved in a system of perfect equality for gendersbelieved that slavery was a scourge to humanityacting morally means acting so as to produce the best outcomesConsequentialismUtilitarianism is a form within consequentialism is right if and only if it produces at least as great a balance of good over bad in its consequences ActUtilitarianismfor all people affected as any other act available to the agentGladiator fights
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