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Lecture 8

IRH Lecture 8 - Reason and Altruism

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PHL 333
David Rondel

Lecture 8Wed Nov 2 Prof Rondel Self interestedly motivatedPart of desire is to help because it feels good o Greater desire than our desire to avoid a guilty conscienceo Even if there were no consequences we would still help the childPowers of reason formulates moral principlesEmpathetic moralEthical egoism o We possess altruistic desires o Incentives to give to charityWhat we owe to each other depends on what we are capable of giving MarxCertain sense of civic stability is lost in todays society Altruism is self defeatingNo one is more intimately connected with the knowledge of our personal lives than usEven with the purist motivation to be our brothers keeper we will mess upPeople peruse their own good everyone benefits romanticized capitalismo We ALL end up better off by perusing our own interests exclusivelyIf we accept this reasoning behaving
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