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Ryerson University
PHL 365
Glenn Parsons

PHL365 – September 13, 2013 The Puzzle of Forgery We take forgeries to have little, if any, value, but being forged seems irrelevant to a work’s aesthetic value. Lessing feels that the background of an art piece has no impact on its aesthetic value. Why do we see Forgeries as Lacking Value? 1. Forgeries lack aesthetic value 2. Forgeries lack moral value – Kind of deception, but deception is not always wrong  Buying something worth 10, and receiving something worth 1. 3. Forgeries lack originality  Two spectrums: Originality & Technique “Technique is not the kind of thing that can be forged. One cannot forge it because in order to forge it, one must already possess it, in which case there is no need to forge it. It is not Vermeer’s technique in painting light, which Van Meegeren forged. It is rather Vermeer’s discovery of this technique and use of it, that is, Vermeer’s originality, which is forged.” - Les
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