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Ryerson University
PHL 366
Brad Mac Master

Bad Faith/Genuine Freedom vs. Real Life Scenario FinalAssignment: De Beauvoir’s Ethics ofAmbiguity Laiton Parnsalu Ryerson University Philosophy – Existentialism,Art & Culture PHL366-101 Phil Maye Monday, December 5 , 2011 Bad Faith/Genuine Freedom vs. Real Life Scenario This paper will be described in depth to how one, a student in my case, could be acting in forms of bad faith referring to “The Ethics ofAmbiguity” by Simone De Beauvoir. It is through the forms of bad faith that brings harm to others. The four forms of bad faith mentioned by De Beauvoir include the sub person, serious person, the nihilist, and the adventurer. The forms of bad faith is our way of escaping the anguish that ambiguity causes either by collapsing our transcendence into facticity or vice versa. We are all born with genuine freedom in which we have the choice to possess it. According to De Beauvoir, projects of bad faith ultimately aim at fleeing our freedom. Before knowing the forms of bad faith, one must know and understand what it is to be human. Being human is not to be just a thing. For example, one cannot say that they are a student as one is only a student in the sense of being a project or striving. One must continuously strive in choosing to become a student in which De Beauvoir believes to be called existence existing. One is always a sort of a lack of being a student and never fully is. One is only striving and pursuing to be one. In being a project or a striving, one is not necessarily nothing but is underway or in that process of becoming or achieving. One is not a student in the sense that they are still becoming it. It is through striving or being a project in which one brings meaning into the world. One makes themselves by striving toward that goal of creating or making themselves into something and discloses to others possibilities of a meaningful life. Values or meanings such as being a student are subjective. It does not exist without humans endorsing them. It is by us in which we choose to possess these values in which we bring them into existence. Bad Faith/Genuine Freedom vs. Real Life Scenario Simone De Beauvoir believes there are four forms of bad faith, a sub person, serious person, nihilist, adventurer, and believes that each form of bad faith are forms of self- contradictions. Asub person tries to withdraw from all striving, or making themselves into something. They do not bring meaning into the world and do not find reasons for living in the world around them. They basically do not possess values of being a human and supposes that the world is futile. Aserious person denies the subjectivity of values and gets there status by others endorsing them. They have devoted themselves to the value of being a student as an example, and that their lives have been fully justified by that value. They are basically actively denying their own subjectivity. Anihilist makes meaning by denying the fact of making a meaning and value. They are a disappointed serious person and all values are arbitrary and subjective, therefore life is meaningless to them. They have however believed in value and meaning and has found that devoting themselves to that has not made it to the case that they have arrived at their meaning or value, and that there is a sense of an active denial of meaning. "The attitude of the nihilist can perpetuate itself as such only if it reveals itself as a positivity at its very core."(De Beauvoir 55). The nihilist also claims themselves to be nothing but in fact is a kind of positive presence in the sense of being a real impact by giving real meaning to others. There is a project or striving to negate to show people that there is no meaning or value. The nihilist basically ruins things that are happening and bring or create some kind of conflict that makes people have a bad time. They want to produce a conflict and do not like the feeling that people think there is some sort of a meaning or value. The nihilist is not aware and fails to realize the contradiction of being a nihilist. They enjoy scorning others who put valu
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