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Lecture 2

Week 2 - Plato and the Idea of Justice.docx

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PHL 400
Mark Clamen

PHL4001-11: Plato th Week 2: September 17 , 2013 Goods 1. Things which are good “for their won sake” 2. Things which are booth both for their own sake and for “what comes out of it” i.e. for its consequences 3. Things which are good not on their own, but solely for their Structure of Glaucon’s Argument (358b) 1. An account of what the many believe justice to be, and what its origins are 4. That “all those who practice it do so unwillingly” 5. Can justice be understood as goodness itself? - there is no argument that justice is inherently good; linked to not suffering injustice - isolate justice from appearances, removed from rewards of seeming just - “Of what profit is justice in itself to the man who possess it, and what harm does injustice do?” (367d) - is it more than pragmatic good - Distinction between “why do we do good things” VS previous argument - There is, we say, justice of one man, and there is, surely, justice of a whole city, too? - “justice is justice is justice” - the idea of justice being reached by a different way (justice in a person, justice in a city - look at the city first, take the findings and apply them to man (relation from the part to the whole) JUSTICE - Guardians – wisdom - Auxiliaries – courage - in the relations of the 3-parts – moderation Justice is “having and doing of one’s own and what belongs to oneself” Each part, doing its part without meddling among
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